2015 Festival Results – Poultry & Waterfowl

2015 Poultry & Waterfowl Champion: Gordon McAdam (Buff Rock Bantam)
2015 Poultry & Waterfowl Champion: Gordon McAdam (Buff Rock Bantam)


Class numberClassFirstSecondThirdFourth
202Indian Runner duckCallum and Finlay Frame
203Call duck, male or femaleBeth FairleyGordon McAdamCallum and Finlay FrameBeth Fairley
204AOV heavy duck, male or femaleMrs F.G.Gillies
205AOV light duck, male or femaleDougie Lindsay (Shetland)Dougie Lindsay (Shetland)W&I McCreath (Shetland)W&I McCreath (Shetland)
Best WaterfowlBeth Fairley (Mallard Call Duck)Gordon McAdam (Call Duck)
Utility Fowl
301Cross-breed or hybrid, maleIngrid ClaydenIngrid Clayden
302Cross-breed or hybrid, femaleIngrid ClaydenGordon McAdamIngrid ClaydenMrs F.G.Gillies
Best UtilityIngrid Clayden (Buff Orpington x Leghorn Female)
401Any variety of duck, male or femaleCallum and Finlay FrameRebekah FlemingBen Schnitker
402Bantam, any variety, male or femaleRebekah Fleming
403True bantam, any variety, male or femaleCallum and Finlay Frame
404Large fowl, any variety, male or femaleCatrina MackieMillie and Walter BrownMillie and Walter BrownMadderty Primay School
Best JuniorCallum and Finlay FrameCatrina Mackie
Large Fowl (Hard Feather)
502Modern Game, large, femaleBen Welsh
Best Large Fowl (Hard Feather)Ben Welsh
Large Fowl (Soft Feather)
601Scots Grey, male or femaleRebecca Mackie
602Scots Dumpy, male or femaleDonna Duncan
603Rhode Island Red, male or femaleJ&S McCready
604Sussex, male or femaleCallum and Finlay FrameJean BrownA&J BrownA&J Brown
605Wyandotte, male or femaleMrs F.G. Gillies
607Welsummer, male or femaleMrs F.G. Gillies
609Orpington, any colour, male or femaleMrs F.G. GilliesBeth McCreadie
610AO Light Breed, male or femaleJean Brown (Marsh Daisy)Mrs F.G. GilliesSara Brown (Marsh Daisy)Donna Duncan (Marsh Daisy)
611AO Heavy Breed, male or femaleDonna Duncan (Ixworth)Donna Duncan (Brahma Blue)
Best Large Fowl (Soft Feather)J&S McCready (Rhode Island Red)Callum and Finlay Frame (Light Sussex)
Bantam (Hard Feather)
702Modern Game, bantam, femaleBen Welsh
Best Bantam (Hard Feather)Ben Welsh
Bantam (Soft Feather)
801Scots Grey, male or femaleDougie LindsayDougie LindsayDougie LindsayDougie Lindsay
802Scots Dumpy, male or femaleDougie LindsayDougie Lindsay
803Rhode Island Red, male or femaleDavid MitchellDavid Mitchell
805Wyandotte, male or femaleGordon McAdamBen WelshMrs F.G. GilliesMrs F.G. Gillies
806Rock, male or femaleGordon McAdam (Buff Rock)Gordon McAdamGordon McAdamGordon McAdam
810AO Light Breed, male or femaleDougie LindsayDougie LindsayBeth FairleyBeth Fairley
811AO Heavy Breed, male or femaleBen WelshMrs F.G. Gillies
812Any variety, true bantam, male or femaleGordon McAdam (Rosecomb)
Best Bantam (Soft Feather)Gordon McAdamDougie Lindsay
ChampionshipGordon McAdam (Buff Rock Bantam)Beth Fairley (Mallard Call Duck)