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Results of the Goat competitions

Scottish Smallholder Festival 2021 Results Goats Class Number Class First Second Third Fourth 1 Kid: white, dairy 2 Kid: coloured, dairy W&I McCreath: Cairnfield Andromeda (British) W&I McCreath: Kenside Phoebe (English) W&I McCreath: Kenside Aero (English) W&I McCreath: Kenside Phelicity (English) 3 Kid: Anglo-Nubian Meadowhead: Wilowriver Blueviolet Mrs Nicola Masterton: Cosagach April Mrs Nicola Masterton: […]

Festival 21 Goat Entries

Entry No Class Breed Name Forename Surname 020 1 British Saanen Balblair Girsy E&N Fraser 021 2 British Cairnfield Andromeda W&I McCreath 022 2 English Kenside Aero W&I McCreath 023 2 English Kenside Phelicity W&I McCreath 024 2 English Kenside Phoebe W&I McCreath 025 2 English Kenside Lily Meadowhead 026 3 Anglo-Nubian Balblair Gilda E&N […]

Festival 21 Pig Entries

Entry No Class Breed Name Forename Surname 1 5 Middle White Oldhallhouse Dorothy 2 The Highland Homestead 2 5 Middle White Oldhallhouse Dorothy 3 The Highland Homestead 3 6 Kunekune Rushbury Tutaki 1 Alan Jamieson 4 6 Kunekune Kinecroft Andrew 31 Alison Stephen 5 7 Kunekune Shankend Tutaki 21 Alan Jamieson 6 8 Kunekune Sauchenhall […]

The 2021 Trade Hall and Food Court

Ewenique Fibres Slipperfield Croft SRUC Louise Campbell Art Holistic Highland Hemp Craigievern Poultry Eeksie Peeksie Uan Wool RBST Angus Chain Saws / Avant Landworkers Alliance Dunmor Agri Traditional Herefords The Giddy Goat Soap and Crafts Ritchie Agricultural NSA SWI […]