Don’t buy it in!

Dr Caroline Robinson, SRUC, 10:00am Sheep Ring

When buying new stock, smallholders are often confronted with a large wedge of information on confusing health schemes, accreditations, mandatory testing, suggested testing and pre-sale vaccination/treatment regimes. In this talk, Caroline Robinson will help to illustrate the desirable versus the indispensable with regard to these health statuses, pre-sale treatments or tests that you may come across when asking a seller about their stock.

This is something that affects beginners and more experienced smallholders equally, as the requirements or the advice can change over time, or with your changing holding’s situation. This talk will cover sheep, goats, cattle, chickens and pigs, and will focus on avoiding the pitfalls that can occur after accidentally buying in the wrong stock for your flock or herd situation – a common presentation seen at SRUC Veterinary Services.

Dr. Caroline Robinson is a Veterinary Investigation Officer with SRUC Veterinary Services. In this role she investigates farm and exotic animal diseases, consults to vets in practice, monitors wildlife disease and provides veterinary advice to the police and the SSPCA. In addition, SRUC provides health and welfare advice to farmers and smallholders, and Caroline’s particular interest is the provision of services to smallholders and small farmers, with an emphasis on preventing problems before they occur.