Equines at the 2017 Scottish Smallholder Festival

Craobh & Caitlin

Once again in 2017 the Festival’s explores our equine heritage and we’re delighted to again welcome along representatives of some our wonderful native breed horses and ponies. Many folk getting into smallholding (and many existing smallholders) enjoy having an equine or two around the place – and they can do a job of work too.

For the first time the Festival will feature an Equine Parade, with examples of most of our native breeds being presented along with expert commentary from Donald McGillivray. It’s a rare opportunity to see and learn about some of the scarcest breeds of ponies and horses.

We’re delighted to welcome Homestead Horse Logging to the Festival this year. Come and meet Caitlin Erskine, her husband Tom Newton and Craobh (pronounced kroov). Craobh is a 5-year-old French draft horse and visitors will have the opportunity to see her prepared for work and using some of the specialist equipment required for horse logging.

With 11 native breeds on show the Scottish Smallholder Festival is a unique opportunity for fans of equines.

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