Schedules and entry forms

With our Sheep Show, Goat show, Poultry & Waterfowl Show and Garden, Craft & Kitchen competition, there are great opportunities to join in friendly competition at the Scottish Smallholder Festival. We are even hoping to get a Pig show! We encourage novice and younger exhibitors to show – the friendly, supportive atmosphere makes the Festival the ideal place to learn the ropes and gain experience showing.

Most of the classes will be held live at the Festival on the 23rd October, but some classes are virtual. For these, all you need to enter are some photographs of your exhibit, and to be living in Scotland – what’s stopping you?!

You can view and download the schedules of classes and entry forms for all shows here:

Garden, Craft & Kitchen

Poultry & Waterfowl




Online Shows




Don’t forget we’ve got classes for eggs in the Garden, Craft & Kitchen schedule (above), including egg content classes.If you’ve never shown poultry before you might find our beginner’s guide to showing poultry helpful.