Garden Craft and Food Competitions – Get your entries in!

This year the Garden Craft and Food Competition has been split into 8 sections, and there is plenty of opportunity to get an entry in!

Section A is all about Preserving and Produce, so if you make the best Strawberry Jam, chutney or mincemeat, these are the classes for you!

Section B is for those Bakers out there. Harness your inner Bake Off – loaves, flapjacks, tablet, muffins – show everyone what you can do.

Section C is all about sticks and crooks. If you make crooks or walking sticks then we would love to see you. There is also a novice class!

Eggs take centre stage in Section D. If you have bantams, large fowl or waterfowl then start looking at their eggs and working out how to make the best display.

Section E looks at raw fleece. The best fleeces from this years shearing should be made ready for entry!

The ‘makers’ are the focus of Section F. If you are a spinner, a knitter, a flower arranger or a card designer then this section is for you.

Section G is for the youngsters. Anyone under the age of 13 can enter and there are lots of fun classes for children to enter. They can cook, craft, paint or photograph, but what they need to do is enter! Its a lot of fun!

The last section is the traditional Honey classes – only 3 this year but as always the standard will be high!

So there it is – the 2021 Garden Craft and Food Competition at the Scottish Smallholder Festival – Entries are open now, and you can find the schedule HERE, and the Entry Form HERE.