Managing grass on a small scale

For many smallholders, grazing animals form the backbone of the holding – and so we are primarily farmers of grass.

Growing good grass helps to keep stock healthy and costs down – but grass is a tricky old thing and keeping it productive can be a challenge.

So Grant Reid, a fully trained agronomist, will outline actions you can take to help keep your grass stay in tip-top condition; looking at areas of grass establishment through to grassland weeds, soil sampling though to winter preparation, best suited grass species for your situation through to what equipment do you need.

Grant has been in the agricultural industry for over 10 years working mainly in the arable sector but primarily in giving on farm agronomy advice to growers and latterly advising agronomists and farm advisors.

Based in Perthshire, he lives with his partner Nicki. Grant is a beekeeper and has a small flock of Ryelands.