New Lanark Spinning Co. Shetland Fleece Purchase Scheme

The New Lanark Spinning Company will be attending the 2019 Festival for the first time and is keen to purchase good quality Shetland fleece.

If you want to participate, you should complete both copies of Section A of this form and bring it, and your fleeces, to the Festival.

Terms and Conditions are:

  • Fleeces will be weighed and bought at any time between 10:30am and 3pm.
  • Please note only fleeces of Shetland sheep will be purchased.
  • Each fleece will be subject to general inspection for wool quality.
  • All fleeces should be skirted and free from contamination, rolled up and packaged in a way that is easy for the buyer to unroll and inspect.
  • Fleeces will be weighed and a price of £2.50 per kilo will be paid providing all conditions are met.
  • Upon weighing the fleece, the vendor and buyer will agree the total price to be paid.
  • Payment will be issued via cheque.
  • The fleece will be sold on seen, decisions made on the day are irrevocable.
  • The buyer reserves the right to reject a fleece for any reason.