Seminar Programme

Following on from last year’s exciting virtual sessions, this year the Festival is going to use the technology to deliver a fantastic line-up of engaging and interesting seminars and talks, either live in the Hall or projected on the screen live via Zoom.


This year, the Festival programme will be focused on sustainability and how it relates to smallholding and to us all as smallholders.

You will hear from a range of speakers, some in longer “keynote” sessions, and some in demonstrations or shorter talks. We will be using the lairage again for the keynote talks, and the other events will be held in different locations around the Mart.

You can expect to hear from speakers and topics like these:

  • Why sustainability matters in Scottish agriculture
  • Adele Jones from the Sustainable Food Trust introducing the global farm sustainability metric and how it can be used by smallholders
  • An SRUC showcase covering:
      • Carbon neutral grazing
      • Managing emissions
      • Managing growth rates
      • Sustainable pasture management
      • Reducing treatments to lower antimicrobial resistance
  • Dung beetles and wormers – the team from “Dung Beetles for Farmers”
  • How smallholders can be part of a sustainable food chain and local food production
  • Upcycling on the smallholding with a speaker from the Angus upcycling project
  • Sustainable tree planting with the Woodland Trust
  • Electric equipment
  • Renewable power for the smallholding
  • Diversification ideas
  • Fleece as a sustainable material

The full schedule will be launched later, but we promise you an informative day!