Animal Health Planning: not just for the big boys

11:00am-12 noon in Ring 1

Caroline Robinson is a Veterinary Investigation Officer with SAC Consulting, part of Scotland’s Rural College. In this role she investigates farm and exotic animal diseases, consults to vets in practice, monitors wildlife disease and provides veterinary advice to the police and the SSPCA. In addition, SRUC provides health and welfare advice to farmers and smallholders, and Caroline’s particular interest is the provision of services to smallholders and small farmers, with an emphasis on preventing problems before they occur.

Caroline has been a terrific supporter of the Conference and the Scottish Smallholder Festival; this year, she will talk about animal health planning for smallholders – where to start, the advantages and pitfalls, and what facilities or habits might be useful when constructing a solid year-round plan to protect the holding. Involvement of an individual’s own vet is always necessary, but there are some things that smallholders can do or be aware of which can speed up the process and lead to greater benefits for all (both financial and wellbeing).

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