Pigs in conservation – more than a one trick pony

1:00-2:00pm in the Symington Suite

In 2012, Jack Flusk and Katie Swift established Conservation Pigs with two aims – firstly to support and enhance the conservation and management of landscapes for the benefit of flora and fauna, through the use of pigs and secondly, to actively support the conservation of British rare breed pigs through the use of pedigree registered pigs for all management activities.

Jack has been involved in pig rearing and livestock management for many years, with experience in a wide range of livestock, both commercially and for conservation grazing. As well as Conservation Pigs Ltd. Jack holds a BSc (Hons) in Rural Resource Management and further qualifications in FdSc Ecology and Conservation Management and Countryside Management. Jack is interested in anything to do with conservation grazing and oversees all pig management activities including infrastructure, welfare, health and safety and bio-security.

Katie is an ecologist, who holds qualifications in BSc (Hons) in Rural Resource Management, FdSc Ecology and Conservation Management and has recently achieved her MSc Conservation Management. Katie oversees the ecological aspects of Conservation Pigs work, conducting our pre and post baseline ecological surveys, as well as the monitoring of the pigs impacts on a weekly basis and making sure the pigs stay friendly.

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