The RBST Scottish National Youngstock Championships

Rare Breeds Survival Trust

RBST have teamed up with the Scottish Smallholder and Grower Festival to launch a competition to find future ‘stars’ amongst this year’s young stock. The idea is to create an annual competition aimed specifically at rare and native breeds that will enable keepers to compete for the prestigious title of RBST Scottish Youngstock Champion and to celebrate the success of their breeding programme.

The championships will feature classes in the Cattle, Sheep, Pigs and Goats sections. Champions in each section would go forward for the title of RBST Scottish Youngstock Champion.

British Saddleback
While the Festival has featured rare breeds in the past, like this British Saddleback pig, this is the first time they will have a dedicated Championship

Peter Titley, Rare Breeds Survival Trust President, will judge the Championship, and will also judge the “Best in Show” for the adult rare breed entries.

Entry is restricted to stock that is registered or eligible for registration with the appropriate breed society, and from breeds that are either on the current Watchlist at the time of the Festival or from breeds that have previously been on the Watchlist but have now moved into Category 6 ‘Other Native Breeds’.

Entry is open to stock born on or after 1st January 2014 (cattle, sheep and pigs) or under 12 months of age at the date of the Festival (goats).

RBST member and Show organizer, Rosemary Champion, is hoping to see a great turnout;

We are grateful to RBST for working with us on this National Championship for Young Stock. This is a great opportunity for members to showcase the results of their breeding programmes, and to celebrate our combined efforts to conserve and promote rare and native breeds.

The competition will be held at the third Scottish Smallholder and Grower Festival at Lanark agricultural Centre on the 27th September.