Results of Garden, Craft and Food Competitions

Scottish Smallholder Festival 2021
Garden, Craft and Food
Section A Preserving First Second Third
A1 Strawberry jam Denise and Caitlin Palmer Grant Reid
A2 Apple chutney Jean Fotheringham
A3 Pickled onions
A4 Apple juice
A5 Mincemeat
A6 Beetroot chutney Jean Fotheringham
Best Exhibit Jean Fotheringham
Section B Baking
B1 Honey biscuits Grant Reid
B2 Fruit muffiuns Rosemary Champion Jean Fotheringham
B3 Tablet Jean Fotheringham Rosemary Champion
B4 Flapjack Fiona Hipwell Jean Fotheringham Rosemary Champion
B5 Multiseed loaf
B6 Sourdough loaf Denise and Caitlin Palmer Denise and Caitlin Palmer Elise Cartmel
Best Exhibit Denise and Caitlin Palmer
Section C Stick and crookmaking
C1 Plain horn – crook or walking stick Alistair Strachan Alex Mair Alex Mair
C2 Fancy horn – crook or walking stick John Fotheringham Alex Mair Alex Mair
C3 Plain wood – crook or walking stick Alistair Strachan Evelyn Blyth Alistair Strachan
C4 Fancy wood – crook or walking stick Evelyn Blyth Brian Curle Brian Curle
C5 Thumbstick – horn or wood Evelyn Blyth John Fotheringham Evelyn Blyth
C6 Leg cleek – horn or wood Alistair Strachan Evelyn Blyth Alex Mair
C7 Novice, wood or horn, plain or fancy Evelyn Blyth Stewart Taylor Evelyn Blyth
Best Exhibit Alistair Strachan (Class 3 Plain wood)
Section D Eggs
D1 Waterfowl, one colour, 3 eggs
D2 LF, one colour, 3 eggs Theodore Moggach Liz Charles Elise Cartmel
D3 Bantam, one colour, 3 eggs Lesley Main-Reade
D4 LF, 3 different coloured eggs Elise Cartmel
D5 Waterfowl, content, single egg
D6 LF, content, single egg Theodore Moggach Angus McGowan Elise Cartmel
Best Exhibit Elise Cartmel
Section E Raw Fleece
E1 Fine
E2 Medium
E3 Lustre Lisa Maclean
E4 Hill and Mountain
E5 Shetland Denise and Caitlin Palmer Rena Douglas Fiona Hipwell
E6 Naturally coloured Lisa Maclean John Fotheringham John Fotheringham
Best Exhibit Denise and Caitlin Palmer
Section F Making
F1 Hand spun yarn Lisa Maclean Lisa Maclean Fiona Hipwell
F2 Granny squares Sheila Hey Sheila Hey Sheila Hey
F3 Scarf Dan Champion Sheila Hey
F4 Quilt Jean Fotheringham Maggie Phillips
F5 Dried flower arrangement
F6 Greetings card
Best Exhibit Dan Champion
Section G Junior
G1 Cupcakes Isla Oag Cerys Southwood Nesta Southwood
G2 Windmill Sam Oag Nesta Southwood Cerys Southwood
G3 Wonky vegetable
G4 Painting Nesta Southwood Cerys Southwood
G5 Cookies Nesta Southwood Cerys Southwood
G6 Photograph Cerys Southwood Nesta Southwood
Best Exhibit Sam Oag
Section H Honey
H1 Clear honey
H2 Comb honey
H3 Beeswax candles
Best Exhibit