Results of the Goat competitions

Scottish Smallholder Festival 2021
Class Number Class First Second Third Fourth
1 Kid: white, dairy
2 Kid: coloured, dairy W&I McCreath: Cairnfield Andromeda (British) W&I McCreath: Kenside Phoebe (English) W&I McCreath: Kenside Aero (English) W&I McCreath: Kenside Phelicity (English)
3 Kid: Anglo-Nubian Meadowhead: Wilowriver Blueviolet Mrs Nicola Masterton: Cosagach April Mrs Nicola Masterton: Cosagach Arabella Mrs Nicola Masterton: Cosagach Annie
4 Kid: Golden Guernsey
5 Kid: Boer M&M Ross: Balmedie Hope M&M Ross: Balmedie Holly
6 Kid: Pygmy Kim Falconer: Mollfol Angel Ailene Charlton: Aylswood Holly Ailene Charlton: Aylswood Eve
7 Kid: AOV Sarah Southwood: Neryswood Citrine Sarah Southwood: Neryswood Emerald
7a Kid: AOV Bagot Ailene Charlton: Aylswood Daisy Duke (Bagot) Ailene Charlton: Aylswood Dolly Daydream (Bagot) Ailene Charlton: Aylswood Doris Day (Bagot)
Champion M&M Ross: Balmedie Hope
Reserve Kim Falconer: Mollfol Angel
Special Classes
Young Handler
8 Junior (Under 10 years)
9 Senior (Age10-16 years) Cerys Southwood Naomi McCreath Nesta Southwood
Bold text indicates trophy