Pig Showcase

At Festival HQ, we know that pigs are an important part of many smallholdings, whether breeding, rearing and processing as a business, or raising a couple of weaners for the freezer.

We have one talk in the seminar programme dedicated to pigs – Ryan Perry, on promoting and supporting pedigree pig breeding with artificial insemination (AI) at 12 noon in the Store Ring.

We’re also delighted to host a British Kunekune Pig Society breed show – many thanks to Alan for organizing the show, to the exhibitors who have brought their pigs along today and to Karen McKay for judging.

We owe a big thanks to all the breeders and keepers who make the effort to bring pigs to the event.
So please do make the effort to visit the Pig Paradise and have a chat to the keepers (and the pigs) – it’s in the main penning area to the rear of the building.

Breeds in attendance

Gloucestershire Old Spot

Large Black

Oxford Sandy and Black