What’s On

The Festival aims to inform, educate and inspire, and to give you the opportunity to access information and advice from experienced practitioners that will support and encourage you in your future smallholding ventures.

Poultry & Waterfowl Show

Our Poultry & Waterfowl Show has classes for turkeys, geese, ducks and poultry. Our Garden, Craft & Food show has classes for eggs.
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Livestock showcases

Central to the Festival is our Livestock Showcases – for most smallholders, livestock are a “must-have” – but what to choose?

The Festival aims to have as many breeds of pigs, sheep, goats, cattle and poultry on display as possible, along with their owners and breed societies, so that smallholders and aspiring smallholders can make the right choice for them.

Seminars & demonstrations

Gordon Gibb, QMS
Gordon Gibb giving a pork butchery demonstration

The Festival offers an exciting and varied range of seminars and demonstrations that run throughout the day. Themes include livestock husbandry, land management, food production and business.

Please note:

  • A ticket is required to access seminars and demonstrations. These can be purchased on the day of the Festival for £10 (cash only).
  • Some demonstrations have limited numbers with places allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

The full programme can be found on the Programme of Events page.

Breed Societies

Choice of breed is important to small-scale livestock keepers, with many choosing to support British rare and traditional breeds. We’re therefore delighted that the Rare Breed Survival Trust is supporting the Festival and that many rare and traditional breed societies will be participating in it.

If you are involved with a breed society and would like to come to the Festival please see the Breed Society information page.

Equine Showcase

For 2019 we once again celebrate our equine heritage, and we’re delighted to welcome along representatives of some our wonderful native breed horses and ponies.

Read more about the fantastic horses and ponies you can see at the Festival.

Rural Skills and Crafts

In times past, mastering rural skills and crafts were essential to a smallholder’s survival. Thankfully, these days are past but it’s important that these skills and crafts are preserved for future generations – and they are still useful!

To help promote rural skills and crafts, the Festival hosts a Garden, Craft & Food competition, and a series of demonstrations and workshops.

Trade Exhibition

The Festival Trade Exhibition will showcase the best suppliers and services for smallholders and small scale producers, including equipment, machinery, renewable energy generation, food production, grassland management and livestock husbandry.

For those who enjoy making and baking (and for those who enjoy looking and eating), the trade exhibition includes the Garden, Craft & Food Exhibition area, celebrating Scottish craftworkers.

Garden, Craft & Food Exhibition

We are hosting competitive classes for art and crafts, stick and crook-making, home-made preserves, drinks and baking, and honey.

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