What’s On

The Festival aims to inform, educate and inspire, and to give you the opportunity to access information and advice from experienced practitioners that will support and encourage you in your future smallholding ventures. In 2020 we’re having to do things a bit differently, but we’re sticking to our aims and hope you enjoy our online offering.

Online shows

We are running three competitive shows, which you can enter with photographs and videos of your exhibits. Entries open on Friday 18th September, and close on Friday 9th October, so there’s plenty of time to get your entries ready!

  • Our Poultry & Waterfowl Show has classes for turkeys, geese, ducks and poultry.
  • Our Garden, Craft & Kitchen competition has classes for growing, craft, cookery, photography, honey, and eggs. Plus there’s a special Halloween themed section for fun!
  • The Sheep Show makes a welcome return, and includes a young-handler section.
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Livestock showcases

Central to the Festival is our Livestock Showcases – for most smallholders, livestock are a “must-have” – but what to choose?

The Festival aims to have as many breeds of pigs, sheep, goats, cattle and poultry on display as possible, along with their owners and breed societies, so that smallholders and aspiring smallholders can make the right choice for them.

This year we’ve commissioned breeders and breed societies to produce videos of their livestock, describing the breed, why they love them and why you will too.

Seminars & demonstrations

Gordon Gibb, QMS
Gordon Gibb giving a pork butchery demonstration

Our virtual seminar programme is designed to provide an experience as close to the real Festival as possible, all from the comfort of your own home.

We’ve got an exciting and varied range of seminars and talks that run throughout the day. Themes include livestock husbandry, land management, food production and business.

Please note:

  • Registration will be required for each individual session – you just need to provide your name and email address.
  • Sessions will be scheduled to start at specific times on the day of the Festival.
  • All sessions will be available on the Festival website after the event, so if you miss out on the day you can still take full advantage (other than asking questions!).

The full programme can be found on the Programme of Events page.

Equine Showcase

For 2020 we once again celebrate our equine heritage, this time via a video showcase. We’ve worked with breeders and owners to produce videos especially for the Festival, so you can share their entusiasm and passion for their equine friends.

Read more about the fantastic horses and ponies you can see at the Festival.

Trade Exhibition

The Festival Trade Exhibition will showcase the best suppliers and services for smallholders and small scale producers, including equipment, machinery, renewable energy generation, food production, grassland management and livestock husbandry.

Of course this year it’s virtual, but we expect to have a packed virtual trade exhibition, with lots of special offers available only on the day of the Festival.